Spring Break in Colorado

March 21, 2018

“Spring break 2k18” is the caption that you will be seeing all over your social media for the next week and a half. While some people jet off to some other tropical place that is bound to give the rest of us wanderlust, there are still fun options here in the great state of Colorado. If you are opting for a staycation this year, then here are some ideas to ensure that you make the best of your time off.

  1. Go up to the mountains: For seven days, you are not going to be trapped in school so maximize the fun by spending some time out in nature! The mountains offer plentiful opportunities to enjoy some fresh air and get your blood pumping. Camping, hiking, and spring skiing are always fun with friends. You could also get in some pool time Colorado style at Glenwood Hot Springs. However, if you prefer to stay closer to home, Boulder and Golden are much closer but still offer great places to hike, bike, and spend time outdoors.
  2. Reading: While some prefer Netflix to novels, reading can often be more relaxing while also keeping your brain active. Now that you have some time on your hands, you can finally read that book that’s been sitting in your house accumulating dust. If you want to spend some time buried in a book but have no idea what to read, head on over to a local bookstore or library. They can often point you in the direction of a good read.
  3. Museums: Museums may not seem like the best way to have fun over spring break, but they can actually provide hours of entertainment. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has a new exhibit called Creatures of Light which features luminous environments as well as bioluminescent organisms. You can learn how these creatures use light to survive.
  4. The zoo or aquarium: Take a walk down memory lane and visit the Denver Zoo. If you love sloths, then you should definitely head on over and check out the baby sloth. If you prefer marine life then you could head on down to the Denver aquarium.  
  5. Downtown: If you prefer urban life to the mountains then head on downtown. Walking down 16th Street Mall is always interesting. If you want to explore some smaller boutiques or cute coffee shops then Larimer Square might be right up your ally. Additionally, the Museum of Contemporary Art occasionally hosts teen nights on Fridays which are fun and more importantly, free. Union Station is always a vibrant scene.
  6. Friends night in: Staying in can be more fun than going out sometimes. Plan a night with all of your friends where you can just stay in and watch some movies, eat food, and talk the night away. Put together a list of 2-4 movies or a show to binge with all of your friends and have everyone bring some yummy snacks. Make sure there are plenty of fuzzy blankets and comfy pillows to make it that much better.


Regardless of what you do or don’t do, seven days off of school is a blast. Spend some time recharging and having fun with friends, but make sure to stay safe!

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