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Is High School Love Worth It?

March 5, 2018

Ever imagine yourself coming into high school to find that picture perfect sweetheart to spend the rest of your life with? This is often the expectation that is pushed against teens in high school. According to an article on StageofLife, about 64% of teens say they have been “in-love”. From that percentage, males are the most common ones to fall in love.

Love in teens has never been surprising news. We fall in love so much faster than adults… but why? Why do we fall so hard looking for love? In this stage of life, all we hear about are songs about love, loss, and break ups. We grow up with  the idea that falling in love can change entire outlooks on life. Falling in love can ease your mind away from your problems in life, but falling in love too fast can lead to countless heartaches and many lonely sad nights listening to Marvin’s Room by Drake wondering where you went wrong. Love is such a tricky subject, especially with teens, so I decided to set out on a mission to find out why teens fall in love so fast.

I needed something to fall back on, so I went and talked to our very own Jessie Briegel in room 148B. She is our Health Educator so she’s here to help explain things to students whether it be with emotions or sexual feelings, and also to talk about things like love. Jessie and I chatted over the topic of “Why do teens fall in love so fast?”. She was as shocked as I when asked the question. Teens are very fearless, everything is really new to us so we are always wanting to try out the experiences. “No relationship defines who you are” is something that really stuck with me when from our conversation. It is such a true statement that not many of us know or even take into account.

Our time in high school is way too short to be worrying about who to fall in love with so you have that amazing “Daddy was mommy’s high school sweetheart” moment with your kids. I’m not saying that your relationship now isn’t going to last, but stop falling in love so fast because there is no such thing as a “love at first sight”. Enjoy high school, and don’t be that one person who dates their entire high school experience away and regrets it.   

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