Hammar Nails It!

Denver South Diver Breaks DPS Diving Record

March 2, 2018


Lindsey Hammar with Denver South Diving Coach Joe Conway

Lindsey Hammar, a Denver South diver, just broke the DPS diving record. On Saturday, February 3rd, during the league tournament, Lindsey was behind her best 11 dive pace. After prelims, she was roughly 20 points back from her highest score. In the subsequent 3 dives, she dove with authority, breaking the record.

Every couple of years a phenomenal diver comes through the DPS ranks, as Lindsey has. This particular diver (Lindsey) broke the long held record. She hopes “the records holds for 10 years” or maybe even up to “a hundred.” Given the mercurial streakiness of divers passing through the ranks, it is impossible to estimate how long this record holds. Upon her last dive, as Adam Kelsey, Athletic Director of South and in attendance reported “they’re were claps and cheers” Further, not only her teammates were cheering, but rivals and opponents as well. Regardless, Lindsey is glad to have cemented her legacy. When talking to her about the record, she was excited, yet determined to show she can do even more.

“What are you looking forward to next season and how can you compound upon your success?”

Hammar responded “I’m going to focus on setting the six dive record because this season was so focused on 11 dive that now I’m hoping to get that one. That (the 6 dive record) should last even longer.”

She also hopes to be able to win 4A state next year. This past year, throughout the season, she was ranked number 1. Going into state, she was ranked number one. Then, the first dive came. The head judge claimed she broke form, and Lindsey got straight twos. Through the first two rounds, Lindsey was dead last in the pack. Then first breaks came; the top twenty would go through- she was 19th. She finished the tournament fifth. It was a great comeback. Had she scored on her first dive what was an average dive for her- a score around a thirty- she would’ve won the competition placing first in the state.

Although she is already looking forward to next season, she is proud to be a rebel, proud to be a leader on the team, and proud to have cemented her legacy as one of the top divers in the history of DPS.

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