Challenge Day (Sophomore Edition)

“What does it truly mean”

February 28, 2018

Challenge Day is a program known to travel to schools around the world. They’re job is to bring people together and form peace along with love. We have created conflicts and problems that we never really talk about. However, in this program we are shown how to bring out our pain and have a better understanding of our own feelings. Although you aren’t going to be best friends with everyone which is literally almost impossible. Challenge day helps you  understand that others go through things as well and we shouldn’t judge them based off of looks and actions. This year at South High School, Challenge Day was brought to Sophomores along with a few other adults and school staff. Bringing everybody to a deeper understanding of how we all live different lives and that we all have a lot of feelings we keep within ourselves. The point of Challenge Day is to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people and understand that there are people who we might judge and give out more battles for them to fight.

Many sophomores participated in this Challenge Day activity and every single one of them had an opinion. The activities done in Challenge Day are to connect and interact with different people and to have fun. First you do a little bit of team building games like volleyball and dancing and singing along with others. But after all the fun and games we got into serious topics like bullying, suicide,and etc. Things that affect us all in some type of way. To really open up and deflate our “balloon” of feelings. We are to sit in groups of 4-5 people and really try to open up and get to know each other. As weird as it seems to talk about personal things to complete strangers it really helps and you get a better understanding that they go through things along with you.


Many people thought challenge day was at first some activities that were pretty much pointless and unnecessary. Along with that many other students heard rumors about how Challenge Day was about getting you sad and cry which was..true. But by the end of the day students got closer with each other along with adults and school staff. “I loved it i felt more connected with everybody in that room” a student at South said. Asking if Challenge Day would be a recommendation to others was a definite yes. “Before judging this activity, i feel like students should actually try it and feel how it is to express and feel relief of letting go of some feelings built up inside of themselves.” Challenge Day brought us together.

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