Horses, Cows, and Pigs, Oh My!


Adara Walker, Journalist

The National Western Stock Show has been held every January at the Denver coliseum for the past 112 years. These two weeks hold a place for people of all kinds to come together and celebrate the western culture of America and the people who still practice these traditions today.

From professional rodeos to poultry shows, you can find almost anything regarding horses, cows, or livestock of any kind. Some of the most popular events during these two weeks are the professional rodeos, show jumping events such as the Gambler’s Choice and Grand Prix, Draft horse shows, and the livestock shows where contestants show off their neatly groomed cattle. If you miss any of the special events featuring these animals, fear not, you can see them up close and personal at other times on the first floor of the Activity Pavillion.

Although the animals are a very large part of the Stock show, there is also much more to see. The trade show and children’s center are two very big hits at this two week event. At the trade show on the second floor,  you can see many different vendors  selling their products. Some of these are commercial items such as massage chairs and cookware, but there are also people selling their small local business products such as locally crafted honey or handmade sculptures. Along with these vendors, there are informational booths where you can learn more about our agriculture and livestock and the way it works in the world. In the children’s section on the third floor of the pavillion there are lots of hands-on activities for children to play with such as sand art bottles, spin paint, pony rides, and the petting zoo. These activities are not only a good way for kids to get their energy out, but also to learn in a new and exciting way about things they may not see every day.

Walk outside of activity pavillion to find the food courts, where you can find all the greasy, fried food you can imagine. Some of the big hits in the food court are the giant turkey legs and of course the funnel cakes. If you find yourself thirsty after eating all of this amazingly salty and sweet food, fear not, there are also lemonades bigger than your head being sold, along with lots and lots of coors beer.

All though the excitement of this year’s stock show is over, it will be back January 12-27 2019. Be sure to check out all of these exciting events when the stock show rolls into town next year!