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Colonel Meek

Hometown: Longmont, Colorado

Active Duty/Branch: Active duty in Army for 28 years, 1 month, and 28 days to be exact.

Favorite thing about South: The students are what he loves the most. He has been to 4 different schools and South is the best.

Horoscope: Virgo

Memorable moment in duty: Meeting the General Secretary of Colorado. He came to South and sat in his desk. He proceeded to place his feet on the desk.

Inspiration: His parents and his soldiers that served underneath him.

Can’t live without: Oxygen and Water

Memorized song: What’s New PussyCat by Tom Jones

Pepsi or Coca Cola: Diet Pepsi

Where if not at South: On the beach in Hawaii


Sergeant Anderson

Hometown: Ferriday, Louisiana

Active Duty/Branch: Retired from Army

Horoscope: Pisces

Memorable moment in duty: All of her countless Drill Sergeant memories

Inspiration: Her kids

Can’t live without: Family

Memorized Song: Star Spangled Banner

Pepsi or Coca Cola: Coca Cola

Where if not a South: She would be somewhere fully retired. Just relaxing and enjoying life.



Chief Bell

Hometown: Walla Walla, Washington

Active Duty/Branch: Retired after 7 years in Marine Core and 13 years in Army. 1st year at South.

Favorite thing about South: He has his Masters Degree in history, so the history seen in the building amazes him everyday.

Horoscope: Cancer

Memorable moment in duty: In duty his team received a mayday call from someone who had landed on ice and broke the ice. They were close enough to base that rescue guys could get to them but not close enough to walk out of it, plus their radios were down. Lucky him and his team were flying over them to call rescue guys to get them out of the “icy” situation. Chief and his crew were able to save these four people.

Inspiration: The pilot Snake from We Are Soldiers Once and Young. He gave the graduation speech at his flight school. “He had great things to say to us young pilots at the time.” His real name is Bruce Rudaphoff    

Can’t live without: Oreo Cookies

A memorized song: Amazing Grace

Pepsi or Coca Cola: Pepsi

Where if not at South: Flying an airline

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