South Band Show Recap

December 19, 2017

Working within the South stage crew, I have had multiple experiences with the sound board, a couple of them being the band shows. Last year’s band show was quite the struggle to orchestrate, but with the new band teacher this year, the entire experience was elevated. Mr. Dobbins is the name (of the new band teacher). He has brought back not only the orchestra but has introduced a concert band. This year the band show outshined past years. The awkward silence that used to loom over transitions between sets was now filled with a jazz combo increasing in class as the show progressed. The show opened with the orchestra, then whilst the orchestra was leaving and the beginning band was setting up, the freshman jazz combo played. Each player got their own solo as well. This convention continued through each transition. The concert band was considerably exceptional: their starring piece being “The Great Locomotive Chase” by Robert W. Smith, a piece made to sound like a moving train and to say the least, they executed this flawlessly using a whole array of percussion instruments to accurately portray the composition. At one point, the percussionist used a bow to scrape against a cymbal to create a squealing sound, replicating the screeching of a train; an exceptional piece and an admirable execution on not only Mr. Dobbin’s part but the students within the band as well. The show concluded with the advanced jazz band; a spectacular performance with over 20 students with a handful of them producing solos, which is a massive group compared to seven from last year’s jazz band. Make sure to check out next year’s band show!

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