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DIY Holiday Ornaments

December 13, 2017

Even though finals are right around the corner, relaxation is still important, and what better way to relax than by getting in the holiday spirit! Decorating your house is always a fun way to get in that festive mood and making your own decorations is even better! If you would like to make your own ornaments to add some personal pizzazz, then follow along.


If you don’t want to go to the trouble of actually making ornaments and you just want to put your creative skills to the test, you can buy some clear ornaments at any craft store near you that are meant to be decorated. You can fill them with fun things or decorate the outside however you please. Here are some fun ideas below.

  1. Fill the ornament with different colored ribbons, mini pom poms, feathers, mini pine cones, or even tiny bells.
  2. Create a mixture of glue and glitter and then put the mixture inside the ornament and swirl it around to create a nice sparkly ornament.
  3. Paint the outside of the ornament. You can use stencils or tape to make some fun designs!


The next type of ornament that I made was probably the simplest because I didn’t have to go to the store to buy any of the materials. Holiday cookie cutters and cardboard are both pretty easy to find around the house.


Step 1. Use cookie cutters to trace shapes onto the cardboard and cut them out

Step 2. Decorate the ornament. I repeated step 1 with some wrapping paper and then glued it onto the cardboard. Some other easy ways to decorate your ornament would be to glue glitter or gemstones or simply paint the cardboard.

Step 3. Punch a hole in the ornament and loop a string through and hang your ornament!


The last type or ornament probably takes the most work. The idea is that you use an old light bulb and decorate it to look like a snowman! You’ll need an old light bulb (not the kind that look like spirals), glue, clear glitter (optional), a strip of red felt about half an inch thick and five to six inches long, wire or string, and white, black, orange, and red paint (you don’t have to use red felt or paint but the color of the felt and this last color should match).


Refer to picture as a guide for placement.

Step 1. Paint the light bulb white. It may take a few coats to get the paint completely opaque. Let it dry completely before continuing to avoid fingerprints.

Step 2. Paint the base of the light bulb (the part that screws it in place) red (or the same color as your felt). Let it dry completely.

Step 3. Next, paint the face of a snowman and his buttons using black for the mouth, eyes, and button and orange for the nose.

Step 4. (This step is optional but gives the ornaments a little sparkle and looks like snow.)

After the bulb is completely dry, paint a thin layer of glue all over and sprinkle on the clear glitter. Wait for the glue to dry completely before proceeding. 

Step 5. Cut the ends of the strip of felt to look like a scarf and then tie it around the neck of your snowman.

Step 6. Finally, tie the string or wire around the top of the snowman so you can hang it.


If you enjoyed making these ornaments, then I invite you to venture out and make some more that you find via the internet, including Pinterest. Good luck on your finals and happy holidays!

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