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College Football Playoff Committee Fails Yet Again

December 8, 2017

The college football season is wrapping up and bowl season is just beginning. If you are wondering who to root for, Colorado State is the only team from Colorado to qualify for a bowl game. In order to qualify, a team needs to be 6-6; however, a non Power Five team that is 6-6 may not be chosen for a bowl game. CSU avoided this potentiality, going 7-5 and booking a spot in the New Mexico Bowl against Marshall on December 16th at 2:30pm. The game will be broadcast on ESPN.  

The College Football Playoff is almost underway with  Clemson, the #1 team, playing the #4 team, Alabama, in the Sugar Bowl. This game pits the best team in the nation against a great Alabama team. Nick Saban’s Alabama is a perennial title contender, so this could very easily be a game between the best two teams in the nation, despite the rankings. It’s a rematch of the last two national championships. I think Clemson will win a tight game as they seem to get it done, pulling wins out of thin air. They also have 10 wins against FPI top 40 team’s. In the second game, the #2 team, Oklahoma, will be playing the #3 team, Georgia, in the Rose Bowl. This is supposed to be the best game of the day and the most enjoyable. I expect Georgia to win. Oklahoma has one of the worst defenses in the nation, and will struggle to keep Georgia out of the end zone. However, with Oklahoma’s high octane offense, led by Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, they can never be counted out of a game. Mayfield time and time again has proven he can sling against the best. Just look to the TCU or the Ohio State game. This game pits one of the nation’s best defenses against one of the top offenses. The stronger side will win.

The playoff committee’s decision to include Alabama, a second SEC team, over the Big10 champion, Ohio State, is awful. Alabama beat poor teams and has only two wins against top 25 teams and has lost to their only top 10 opponent. Despite Saban’s dominance, this years team was simply undeserving of that last spot. Ohio State has three top 25 wins and is 2 and 1 against teams actively ranked in the top 10. That loss was to the playoff team Oklahoma. Alabama’s loss was to Auburn, who lost to Georgia in the SEC championship. So Alabama lost to a worst team and didn’t win a Power 5 championship. The Committees reasoning for not including Ohio State was their 31 point loss to Iowa. An away game at Iowa is one of most challenging places to play in the country. I’d like to see any of the teams in the playoff go into Iowa city and win. This year Penn State went into Iowa city and won on a walk off touchdown and has been the only top 10 team to win at Iowa in the last 10 years. Penn state did have a loss at Michigan state.

Last year, an unranked Penn State beat #2 Ohio State. Penn State went on to win the BIG10 title but they missed the playoff, Ohio State taking their place. Over the last two years, the playoff committee has overlooked the BIG10 champion, both times coming from the BIG10 east; Which is possibly the most competitive division in the country with Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State in this subdivision. Only one of those teams can come out undefeated, if any. Nick Saban, the head coach of Alabama the 4th seed, said himself “ not all conferences are created equal and not all divisions in the conferences are equal.” Nick Saban is right. The BIG10 has great competition and the committee has overlooked the BIG10 for 2 years, failing at their jobs.

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