Teacher Feature: Beckeman and McClure

December 1, 2017

Teacher Feature: Beckeman and McClure

Ms. Beckeman and Mr. McClure are some of the most well known and respected teachers in the building. Ask anybody about them and all they will have to say are good things. Through all of the stress and constant annoyance we put them through, they continue to love and care for us and teach us the best they can. Take a look into their lives and classroom to learn more about your favorite teachers:


Ms. Beckeman:

Courses taught: Ceramics 1 and 3, AP 3D art, and sculpting 1.

Hometown: Nerviano, New York.

Why teaching? After being a part of the restaurant business and managing restaurants, Ms. Beckeman realized that it would never make her happy and it wasn’t what she truly wanted to do. She had always wanted to be an art teacher so she decided to go back to school to get her degree.

Favorite part of being a teacher: Ms Beckeman’s favorite part of teaching art is when the kids are fully engaged and teaching each other. “Stepping back and seeing that is really beautiful, the classroom runs like a college art studio”, She says.

High school experience: Throughout high school, Ms Beckeman was an outcast and got picked on a lot. Although her situation in high school wasn’t the best, she says she is glad it happened because of what she learned from it. She learned not to judge people and states that if you are getting bullied, you can learn from those people’s actions to become a better person.

Favorite food: Pizza with buffalo sauce, broccoli and tomato.

Favorite book:  Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.

Lucky number: 2

Favorite movie: The Little Prince (the original)

Favorite musician: Ani DiFranco


Mr. McClure:

Course taught: AP Studio Art, Drawing and Painting, and Photography.

Hometown: Denver, Colorado but was born in Germany when his dad was stationed there in the military.

Why teaching? Mr McClure decided to become an art teacher because his mom was a teacher and his dad was an artists. He believes that many people need the arts in their lives and he wants to help them pursue that while keeping the arts in his own.

Favorite part of being a teacher: For Mr. McClure, seeing the mosaic of faces and the art people have made is what makes teaching so worth it, “It’s like digging through the dirt and discovering diamonds.”

High school experience: As a high schooler, Mr. McClure participated in almost every activity. From drama to athletics, he tried it all. His advice to students today is to try everything and continue to try new things until you find what you love. He also says that students should continue to learn and never give up.

Favorite food: Chicken Marsala or a smothered burrito.

Favorite book: The M Train by Patty Smith.


Lucky number: 4

Favorite movie: The Fisher King

Favorite musician: U2 or Sia (because of her performance anxiety and amazing shows.)

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