The Biking Crisis of 2017

October 11, 2017

The Biking Crisis of 2017

Being the ninth best state to live in, it’s no surprise that the population of Colorado is increasing by 1,000 people each month. Due to this unprecedented population growth, the biking in and around Denver has become much more dangerous and inconvenient.

Rated the fourteenth most deadly state for biking according to, Colorado has had at least five bike-related deaths from May to July of 2017. In 2016, there were 1,325 bike collisions, the majority of them resulting in injury. With Denver trying to become a bike friendly city without enough bike lanes, it’s not a surprise that bike collisions are becoming more common.

In 2012, the Colorado Department of Transportation initiated the first statewide pedestrian and bicycle plan in Colorado. This plan was put into place in hopes of reducing accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, as well as increasing the bicycling and walking activity in Denver. With this plan, CDOT and their planning partners have been allowed to prioritize funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Installing the eighth protected bikeway on the Union Station side of Wynkoop street, things are looking up for Denver. Each year, Denver Public Works explore new research and construction to improve the safety of bicyclists around Denver. In addition to installing the bikeway around Union station, there is a two-way bike lane on South Broadway running from Bayaud to Virginia street under construction.

Although Denver can be a very dangerous place for cyclists, the city is working hard to improve the safety of cyclists all around the city by becoming more bike friendly.

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