Student Voice of Denver South High School

The Aftermath of Puerto Rico

October 11, 2017

In Puerto Rico food, gas, power, water, and supplies for doctors is growing alarmingly scarce after being hit by Hurricane Irma on September 6, and weeks after, Hurricane Maria on September 21 of this year. With the mass destruction of homes, hospitals, stores, etc., the people of Puerto Rico are scrambling to replenish enough supplies to take care of everyone.

Photo by: FEMA News

From the area, a local citizen mentioned that he had no food, water, or enough medicine to just take care of himself. He reputes that Hurricane Irma had made him ill, but Hurricane Maria made it worse.

Many people are traumatized and heartbroken. The hurricanes went about 155 mph destroying 80% of the crop value and 80% of the homes. Furthermore, 60% of the island is without water. Two weeks prior to Hurricane Maria’s arrival in Puerto Rico the citizens began to clean up the debris. However, the people are still lacking a sufficient amount of water, food, and other life sustaining resources even after the “mountain of food, water, and other vital supplies,” according to reporters from CNN, arrived in Puerto Rico on Thursday, September 28. FEMA spokesman, William Booher, noted that both water and power are being maintained and reported by the office of the Puerto Rican Government. Even after devastation has hit the home of many, support and aid should continue to be sent to insure that Puerto Rico be on its way to a full recovery.