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Breakfast of Champions?

October 10, 2017

Are you finding yourself staying up all night from doing tons of homework, sports practices, or even working the night shift? Whatever the reason is you might see yourself missing one of the most important meals of the day. Unfortunately, high school students are the main ones missing that first meal of the day. Only about 36% of high school students across America actually eat breakfast, and 25% of all teens across America believe that breakfast just isn’t their top priority. Over 89,000 schools across America serve breakfast, so this phenomenon is not caused by a lack of access to it. There are many reasons why students aren’t eating breakfast: it’s simply too early and your body isn’t hungry yet, or maybe you’re rushed and find yourself running out of time and breakfast isn’t on your mind at that point.

Skipping out on breakfast can cause serious damage, not just now but in the long run. Diabetes, heart disease, memory loss, weight gain, and the slowing of metabolism are just some of the consequences. Along with that, not getting that extra boost to get you through the day will cause stress hormones to rise. You’re already stressed out with due dates and many other things that come with being an high school student, so why add on to that? You’re going to have better overall health when you eat breakfast, so get to it.

However, not everyone knows about the benefits of eating breakfast or often forget about them. Breakfast gives you that extra protection, so if you miss lunch, you still have some extra energy left in the tank. What’s more is you can improve your grades, focus, and concentration! Falling asleep in your morning classes can also be prevented by eating breakfast to get your blood and energy flowing. Even though eating breakfast is essential, overeating is also an issue and is common in high school students. So while you should definitely eat breakfast, make sure your not eating too much throughout the course of the day.

Here are a couple of tips that will help you make sure to eat breakfast. Planning ahead! If you don’t like doing everything last minute this is for you: plan out quick meals that can easily be heated up in minutes, saving you time in the morning. Also try going to sleep 30 minutes earlier and waking up 10 minutes earlier. Doing this will not only help assure that you get 8 hours of sleep, but waking up 10 minutes earlier is going to help get your body hungry. Lastly, always consider “to-go” breakfast options. Quick meals such as smoothies or avocado toast are not only quick but also extremely healthy options you should try out.


Dear South High Students, eat breakfast! South has lots of sit-down or to-go options to chose from. Breakfast is served up in the cafeteria on the 4th floor or by the staircase right before you get to the senior hall. Breakfast is free to all students. Just punch in your lunch number and go. Remember is it really worth it in the long run to skip breakfast now?

-La’Voncea M

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