A Life Unplugged

October 9, 2017

It started with the need for a story in Newspaper and ended with a new outlook on life. After years with a phone in my pocket, I have decided to take on a new challenge: go a week without my cellphone.

The first day I eliminated the device from my life, I noticed that I had a pleasant sleeping time because I wasn’t scrolling through social media in the middle of the night. However, I woke up in the morning and I was late to school without a device to wake me up. My morning was unusually peaceful, instead of scrolling through my phone I was interacting with my family and the environment around me. The drive from school wasn’t silent as it normally would be, it was a rather communicative filled with informational talk with my sisters. Surprise! Without an accessible phone, I was able to concentrate and contribute to the classroom environment. Throughout the day, I remained focused in class without social media distracting me with Snapchat, Facebook, texts, email, and other sources. For the most part, I am attentive in the classroom, but there are instances when my cellular device distracts me from classwork and study time. During the week, I was able to stay on track, finish my work, and get ahead of material in my classes. It was a relief to sit back and invest my time in something purposeful and heart warming to the soul.

As surprising as it would be, life isn’t as boring as it would seem without devices like phones. My parents lived their entire childhood without technology and they have numerous stories about their life growing up and how they were always entertained.  During this time, I was able to pickup more details about the people that I live and surround myself with and interesting stuff that I would have never learned if I had kept my phone. In addition, I realized that social media made me less aware about my physical state and how little I was exercising while I was glued to a screen and chomping on a bag of Hot Cheetos. Overall, it was a great experience but it was difficult to stay away from social media and I would more likely experiment with this for a longer period later on.

Our cellphones are the cause of our jealousy, depression, and frustration, yet we still choose to carry our lives in social media among our “friends”. There is a whole world in front of us that we choose to ignore because we are plugged into our phones day and night. There multiple activities that we could engage in but we choose to bore ourselves with our phones, constantly Snap chatting or posting our life so everyone else could see the joyful life we live instead of actually enjoying moments ourselves. During the time I spent away from my phone I realized that there are valuable moments that we can spend with our loved ones that are with us forever. We do not need to document our most memorable moments but rather cherish them ourselves in that moment. Even though it may seem heartbreaking and feel like our world is tearing apart in front of us, it may be worth the time to challenge ourselves to briefly eliminate our cellphones from our lives for at least twenty-four hours.

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