Brave New World of South Chromebooks

October 2, 2017

Chromebooks are now a resource at South that give great new opportunities to all students. There are many disadvantages and advantages for each student obtaining Chromebooks. Ms. Marley, a new tech person, helped obtain the new Chromebooks, and knows a lot of information about them. When asked about what she hopes Chromebooks will achieve this year, Ms. Marley replied, “I hope students will be able to use technology to an advantage, especially for students who speak different languages. I think it will make their school work a lot easier and help them integrate with their teachers as well as other kids at this school.” Ms. Marley explains a great point on the great things that Chromebooks brings to students.

Chromebooks have many benefits. For one thing, they will help a lot with classwork and homework. Students will have more resources including taking their notes digitally. Loose pieces of paper always tend to get lost and Chromebooks can help eliminate that. Another great benefit is that students who do not have WiFi at home will be able to use a hot spot in place of WiFi in order to complete their assignments. This a huge step towards improving students education from home.

However, one disadvantage to having Chromebooks is that the devices can easily distract student. Students can use the computers to do things unrelated to class work and it can be hard for teachers to control this.Additionally, WiFi problems can impact the student’s learning abilities at school. This can furthermore take away class time. Another possibility is that the computer and charger could easily break if not taken care of properly. These are all disadvantages of giving Chromebooks to students.

South students have many different opinions on this new technology. Yoana Granados is a freshman here at south. When asked her opinion on the Chromebooks, Granados said, “ In the few weeks I’ve been here at South I have been bombarded with homework and school work. Chromebooks has helped me alot with my work, and I’m pretty impressed.” Sophomore Elijah Isimang-Picasso also expressed that he thinks “Chromebooks are much better than the tablets we had last year” and that “the Chromebooks will be really good resource throughout [his] high school years”. Furthermore, Jose Estrada is a junior this year and he said, “ The more years I’ve been here the more work I get and I think Chromebooks are very helpful”.  Lastly, senior Muhammad Afrooz was asked his opinion to which he replied, “Chromebooks this year are very useful for doing school work and getting help completing applications.” Afrooz describes Chromebooks as a useful tool for his future. These are some opinions of students about Chromebooks.

Students are to be expected to be responsible for their own Chromebook. If they fail to do so, students will be held responsible. If there is a situation where it wasn’t the students fault then the situation will be looked into. For more information go to the tech office in room 142.

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