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South Music Department Hits the Right Note

September 22, 2017

Here at South High School, the Music Department thrives under the supervision of choir teacher Ms. Lingler and the new band teacher, Mr. Dobbins. With the arrival of new Chromebooks for everyone, and assignments and quizzes now living in cyberspace, students are constantly surrounded by technology. With this in mind, the Music Department has come together to help brainstorm the creation of a website for students, teachers, family, and community members. The website is still heavily in the works, with the daunting first months of school making everything a  bit harder to concentrate on.

The thought for the website had been pending in previous years, but now it may finally be jumping into reality. “Oh, we’ve been talking about doing a website for music for a long time,” Lingler says. When asked about the purpose of the website, she said “some of the things that me and Mr. Dobbins are looking to put on there would be pictures of kids, videos of shows we’ve done, upcoming events, and accomplishments the kids have made. I think it’ll be a nice way of promoting our music program.”

Mr. Dobbins has helped develop the website greatly. When talking to Ms. Lingler, she additionally talked of her more tech-savvy students helping work on the construction of the website.

This could potentially be a big help to the South community. With talk of reminder features and digital versions of assignments and performances for parents to view, this could be beneficial for everyone. The website isn’t out just yet, but we will be sure to update you when it is.

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