Student Art Feature

Student Art Feature

September 20, 2017

South High School is considered to be one of the most diverse schools in Denver. When one initially enters the school, the amount of creativity flowing through the hallways is immediately recognized. South High School boasts a wide variety of artists who participate in many different styles of art. From photography to clothing design, South has it all.

Artwork by Olivia Fambrini

Junior Evan Kosakowski is a visual artist and photographer. He enjoys creating his pieces because of how it allows self expression and showcases his own ideas. Through large markers and different graffiti methods, Kosakowski is able to connect with the world around him and create amazing visual pieces based off of his emotions and life situations. “Art allows me to express myself and solidify and make my imagination come to fruition.”

Senior photographer Olivia Fambrini gets her inspiration through the community around her. “I try to incorporate my community into my art as much as possible,” she says. These inspirations have allowed her to create amazing pieces of work such as her last collection with Jessica Breheny, which was designed in order to represent the different parts of

Artwork by Bilal Alzaeem

her spirit and existence. Bill Alzaeem, a Junior who is well known for his graphite drawings, gets his motivation from wanting to recreate an image and the satisfaction of accomplishing a new piece, especially when it is difficult. One of his most popular and favorite pieces is a recreation of A$ap Rocky, created from graphite pencils. When he is creating these drawings, he enjoys adding his own “twist” to them. Whether it be adding extra details or changing something in the image, there is always something unique about his drawings.

Sophie Cardin, a Senior, enjoys sketching and using oil pastels in her work. She enjoys creating her pieces based off of things such as politics that will create controversy throughout the community. Her favorite and most popular piece of art are her uterus pants because of the statement they pronounce and the boundaries they push in society. “I enjoy creating art that will bring up a conversation. Gathering new opinions and making people think is what art is all about,” Cardin states. 

Artwork by Sophie Cardin

If interested in viewing some of the pieces created by these amazing artists and many more, come visit the art show held here at South from December first through December seventh from 7:30am to 3:00pm each day.