Student Voice of Denver South High School

Disappointing Start for Denver South Football

September 15, 2017

On September 1, Denver South’s football team competed in their first game against Boulder High School, who are currently ranked 87 in the state. The team felt well prepared going into the game after having spent long hours in the summer heat, practicing to prepare for the season. Being the first home game, the stands quickly filled up with fans anxious to see what this year’s South High Rebels had up their sleeves. Since the All-City Field is the star center of all DPS outdoor sports, the game was required to start at 4pm due to the scheduling of other games later that evening.

After four 12 minute, stressful quarters, the clock wound down to ten seconds. South was up by 5 points up to this point, with Boulder still an intimidating 8 yards away from a touchdown. The clock was stopped, and the crowd remained quiet as the next play began. Then Boulder unexpectedly scored putting them in the lead as the quarter reached its end. The final score was 27 to 25, Boulder.

The team was devastated with the loss of a winnable game. The head football coach, Coach Marini, stated that he was ‘’Heartbroken but encouraged because [they] did so well in the second half. [They] earned the victory to a degree.’’ The game was Marini’s debut as South high’s new head football coach, and with such pressure, Marini says that in preparing for future games, they will have ‘’to just get better as a team and to not focus on the past but to focus on the future .’’ On the other hand, Kwesi Singleton, the new starting quarterback and teammate, and Jordan Dubose both agreed that this would not be the end. The South Rebel football team has many more games in the season, be sure to come out and support them!