Graduation Location: An Enigma Wrapped in Bureaucracy

September 17, 2017

Graduation is a landmark event for any high school student. After years of switching between Magnus Arena and the Civic Center, All City Field will be the venue in coming years.

Graduation is approaching, and even if it’s in almost a year, each day chips away. In the past, the ceremony has been held at DU or at the Civic Center in a privately held ceremony closed off to the public. It’s been an intimate, indoors ceremony, meant to celebrate a wondrous four years full of trials and tribulations, successes both personal, academic, athletic and otherwise. However, at the end of senior spring 2018, instead of graduating at Magnus Arena or the Civic Center, seniors will likely have one last event at All City stadium. This is sure to invoke fond memories of past homecoming games and other sports events throughout the years; and is now the new venue for future rebel graduations. The Magnus Arena acted as an adequate venue, but after years of planning the rebels will have a new place to graduate in the approaching years.

Many might be wondering, why would South move their graduation from a perfectly competent venue? As a board member of graduation and activity director Mr. Jason Brooks attested, it was mainly to save money. By hosting graduation at All City Field, Denver South stands to save close to $25,000. Brooks also said that “we (the board) thought it’d be cool to do it outside”. Now of course, like clockwork, it rains just about every day in the late afternoon in the summer. Mr Brooks didn’t appear worried in the slightest for the potential precipitation. As a countermeasure, graduation is to be set for mid morning, and will end before the rain (hopefully).

All City is sure to be a capable open air venue, but maybe not for this year. When discussing the 2018 graduation, Mr. Brooks stated, “It isn’t 100% yet.” Unfortunately, the tennis court construction could block graduation at All City. This may worry some students; graduation is approaching and there is no set venue. However, Mr Brooks did not seem worried- with there being 10 months until graduation.

The plans to move graduation to All City have been in the pipework for several years. This was supposed to be the year it all came together, however with the tennis court construction recently approved, obstacles are sure to arise. When in preliminary planning for this years ceremony, the board did not consider the tennis court construction as it was just a proposal at the time. Mr. Brooks hopes the location of graduation will be cemented within the month.

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