Digging Deep Into South Highs Attendance Rates

April 5, 2017

Attendance is a very big issue here at South High. As most high school students do, lots of people ditch their classes. What they don’t realize is how these choices will impact them in the future. The attendance rates of a school says a lot about it. According to the law, you must attend school a specific number of hours per year. You must be present in school for 968 hours during elementary school and 1,056 hours in middle and high school.

Many underclassmen don’t understand how important it is to go to class. If you miss enough class, you will begin to fall behind and won’t understand what you’re learning. When you miss class with an unexcused absence, the policy is that you aren’t allowed to to make up any classwork, quizzed, or tests you were assigned that day. Skipping class can greatly affect your grade and overall understanding in that class.

Not only will skipping class affect your grade, it can also determine if you walk at graduation. In order to walk at graduation and receive your diploma, you need to have a 92 percent attendance rate.

The school has been trying to help encourage students to go to school in many different ways. There have been celebrations in advisement for the classes for high attendance, and rewards such as gift cards for specific people. Even with all of this effort put in to get students to attend school, man people don’t care. Currently, the overall attendance rate is 90.3%. Some ways the community can help get this rate up is to help encourage peers to go to class. “Getting encouragement from the students is often much more effective than hearing it from the teachers,” Dilworth says.

Although attendance is a very hard issue to fix and will most likely never be perfect, there are many ways people can help keep attendance rates up.

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